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Luxembourg is a dwarf state in Europe. It borders in the east on Germany, in the
North and northwest of Belgium and south of France. This is Luxembourg
Also a popular destination for guests from neighboring countries.

A brief overview of the history of Luxembourg

Luxembourg was strategically located at an important crossroads for international
Routes established. The Duchy is an important industrial and financial center
Western Europe and among the three richest countries in the world, attracting visitors
meet excellent quality of life.

Luxembourg - dwarf state with great offer for visitors

The Duchy of Luxembourg was under Dutch administration for a long time.
Today it is an independent country and the only Grand Duchy in the world. The
Capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg City , which was founded in 963. The
Land has beautiful rolling hills that lead to long walks and
Invite hikes. Luxembourg City is a modern metropolis with yours
romantic streets, parks and beautiful old town for strolling and lingering invites.
Of course, there are world-class hotels, restaurants, and theaters in town for that
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